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Anyone who knows/follows me on social media is probably sick of hearing about my writing a book, especially when it’s taking a millennia to be real. Once I signed with Booktrope Publishing my hobby became a second job and “advertising” my progression through the trenches came with hesitance and excitement, so hopefully only a few have added me to their hit lists.

A year after signing with  BT (maybe more than a year…definitely more…Gah!) it has taken me to get my first book SOUL DISCOVERY, SOUL SEER CHRONICLES ready. Which sounds like it was a POS to begin with, maybe so, but she’s shiny and ready for release tomorrow.

Holy fuckbuckets full of demon tears, I’m releasing a novel, TOMORROW.

With a career devoted to helping others through their struggles, I sought out a dose of fantasy and stumbled upon a drive to weave stories while utilizing my experience to craft  characters. To see them on pages like so many on my personal shelves, pages I can touch and smell (you know us crazy readers and our book huffing issues), was a dream and now soon-to-be a reality.

The publishing process is a whole separate animal equipped with jagged teeth and claws on the body of a snarling multi-headed monster, a.k.a. my writing team. (Jokes, love you guys). And I haven’t even been released yet.  Next is me hiding under my writing cape and forcing myself not to check sales numbers and dodging hazards I’m sure my Book Manager hasn’t warned me about yet.

That’s okay, I love it. I love words and the feeling of when a story idea comes together. Being published is like being able to eat all the foods I’m allergic too without dying; a rush while flipping Death the bird. And I plan on enjoying it.

While I’m cheating death and hunkering down to get book 2 ready for consumption, you can follow the link I’ve peppered all over social media and now here, yes again, and order a copy of your own in either ebook or paperback.

Keep an eye out for future signing events, I’m sure I’ll be around somewhere, looking awkward and hopefully able to answer the question “What’s your book about?” without starting with “Ummmm”. No promises.



Sophie Saterlee has made it her mission to get her life together. Leaving behind an abusive relationship, she’s bartending her way through a psychology degree. Ultimate goal? A new, stronger sense of identity.

When a terrifying recurring nightmare begins to poison Sophie’s waking hours and threaten all her progress, once again she’s close to losing everything.

An invitation to a tea leaf reading party sounds like exactly the kind of distraction Sophie needs. But an innocent girls’ night out turns into a journey through a complex and treacherous world of magic.

To survive it, Sophie must forge uncomfortable alliances with arrogant Donovan and mysterious Caine. One of them is tied to her past, and the other fills her present. Both men might hold the key to her uncertain future.

There’s more going on in her little corner of the world than Sophie realizes, and the truth will change everything.




I’ve heard you can’t be a writer without reading A LOT. Turning pages has never been an issue for me, I carry a book with me damn near everywhere I go, until my writing became more than a hobby and sucked up free time like a scavenging pug.

In efforts to simultaneously read more and utilize my blog, I’ll be participating in the 2015 Goodreads Reading Challenge. Over the course of 2015 I pledged to read 35 books.




For some, that number laughable, they can speed read through book every two days and think I’m being lazy. Well, I have a somewhat busy life and a full-time day job on top of this author life I’m trying to break into, so 35 is a respectable challenge for me, one I’m stepping up to, having read two books already and starting in on my third. However, I’ve been home sick so I’ve got a head start.

To hold myself accountable to the blog piece of my goal, I’ll then write a blog review of the book I read and post it on the Wednesday morning after I complete the book as well as on Goodreads and Amazon. I don’t make a habit of doing reviews, which is shameful as their importance is greater than people realize. You read a book, give it a review. Doesn’t need to be a masterpiece, but an opinion and a star rating go a long way.

To further challenge myself, I’ll also try to utilize the wonderful #MondayBlogs tag (If you blog and don’t know about it, hit the link and discover the brilliance) and blog of more personal inspirations and happenings on Mondays as I did last week on Journalling which I enjoyed sharing my love of with everyone.


With attempts to get my first novel out into world with Booktrope Publishing (no, I don’t have a release date yet) this is more than enough plates spinning above my head, so keep an eye out on Mondays and Wednesdays for personal blogs and book reviews, and I’ll do my best not to drop the goal like a New Years work out regiment.

Have a great weekend dreamers and screamers.