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  1. Hey there, Question Asker (also waves to Sami-Jo),

    I may or may not be the “someone who is in the process of doing this” as it pertains to bridging the gap between non-fiction and fiction. This is something that I discussed with my publisher and it was their assessment that there likely wouldn’t be any negative repercussions. I publish everything under the same name, whether it’s blog posts, freelance articles, non-fiction, or fiction. My name is my brand and it’s pretty easy for most people to see that I am not a genre writer.

    I’ll be honest, though, I was concerned about my first fiction novel, Hard Truth (a psychological thriller about a misogynistic narcissist who gets trapped in an elevator and receives some comeuppance) having the “Author of Bent But Not Broken” line on the cover (that story being my non-fiction account of my family’s experience with my daughter’s scoliosis diagnosis and surgery). The two titles couldn’t be further apart and I was nervous about the cross pollination that might occur. I was assured that there would be no confusion by the reader and the “Author of…” line let’s readers know that the book they just picked up wasn’t my first. It adds a level of street cred to the name, or so I’m told. The fiction book comes out in November so I guess we’ll see then how it works out.

    I can’t speak to the rest of what you asked, but knowing Sami-Jo as I do I am supremely confident that you can take her slice of advice to the bank. Thank you for sharing your story. I wish you good heath and good luck with the books.


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