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  1. I’m mildly claustrophobic, scared to death of heights and, if you are entertained by the sight of a large man moving quickly, I suggest you put a spider near me. I personally think balloons are stupid…although my dad did once show me a trick where you can stick a pin in one without it bursting…

    …anyway, you’re not alone with a phobia. We ALL have ’em. Right? Well, except that one guy who climbs up really tall things with his GoPro…ugh

    • I’m surprisingly unaffected by spiders. I like them and usually put them outside or let them hang out in corners as long as they are the non-biting kind. (Which I know because the Hubs is an exterminator). Drowning would be another for me, so I won’t entertain the thought of a cruise. No thanks.

      We definitely ALL have something that spikes the fear meter.

      P.S. Your dad must be a magician.

  2. Sharks. I know they occupy an important ecological niche. That they have evolved over millions of years to be the perfect hunting/eating machines they are. I don’t care. I can’t stand them. I hate their dead eyes. The silent, swishy way they swim. Their prolapsed jaws with the rows of teeth. Nothing should have *rows of teeth*. Particularly nothing bigger than me. I cannot stand them. I shudder at PICTURES of them.
    It’s a wholly irrational fear. I’ve gone to plenty of aquariums and stared at sharks through the glass. I’ve been swimming and snorkeling and scuba diving with sharks. They did nothing to me. I’ve seen dead ones on beaches and felt a little pity (and a lot of fear). I’ve read and seen “Jaws,” but my fear predates the book and movie. Wholly irrational.
    So no, you’re not alone!

  3. I read something somewhere that said people are killed by deer each year more times than sharks, but you’re right. Those dead eyes are shudder inducing. I’m jealous you went scuba diving with them. I’d like to think I wouldn’t be easy chum and would probably change my mind about how “cool” it is when they get nice and close. I could probably use a healthy dose of fear from something actually alive 🙂

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