Dapper Press Short Story Release

On October 25th my short story “Sheltered” was featured in the Dapper Press Haunted Lounge (Woot woot! *handstand and jazz hands*) as part of their campaign to introduce the dapper-est of self-publishing alternatives. Stop by their website any time and take a look at other spooky stories and services they provide.


Click picture for link to “Sheltered” short story.

Author: @sjcairns

S.J. Cairns is a Southern Canadian, born and raised in St. Catharines, Ontario, where she lives with her bug-killing, video game playing husband of 15 years, her spunky mother-in-law, and their three snorting pugs. During days off from true chaos working as a Women’s Advocate at a busy downtown women’s shelter, you can find S.J. in her writerly lair, dipped in all things creepy, plotting against her lifetime nemesis, those deadly evil-doers: balloons. S.J. hopes to one day add her own works of fiction to her overly crammed shelves as she focuses on a five-novel series called the “Soul Seer Chronicles.”

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